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AFRIMEDICS is an acronym of African Medical Systems. We specialise in the sales of affordable hospital equipment in an effort to equip under privileged health institutions in the African continent with the most advanced medical equipment. Our company has been in operation for more than a decade. During this period we have managed to claim a substantial percentage of the market share for medical equipment sales.



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Healthcare organizations and practitioners require the latest medical equipment to provide the best patient care, we’re committed to providing the prices and solutions that medical professionals need to remain on the cutting edge of their field. To do this, we offer a wide range of medical equipment, including: Laboratory Equipment Diagnostic Equipment Imaging Equipment Ophthalmic Equipment Dental Equipment Medical Information Management Systems.




Our team of specialists sales representatives is available to assist you in securing the tools a modern medical facility requires, while navigating the complex regulatory and budgetary issues facing healthcare providers today. Our third party financing specialists will respond quickly to all pricing requests, proposals, and credit reviews — and since each of our clients has a dedicated professional assigned to their account, you’ll be able to work out solutions for your needs through a single point of contact.