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  • Water Distiller

    R4,517.32 Inc. Vat

    Water Distiller for Dental Autoclave 1.5L/H


    Description: Distilled water is widely used for dental products, evaporators, humidifiers, CPAP machines, lead-acid batteries, engine cooling systems, steam irons, fish aquariums, etc. This water distiller is designed to produce 1.5 liters / 0.4 gallons of pure steam distilled water in 60 minutes. The inner container is made of high grade 304 stainless steel. It processes water through evaporation and condensation to separate pure, fresh water from contaminants.

    Package Includes: 
    1 x Distiller
    1 x Water Bottle
    2 x Bottle Cover
    1 x Filter (with a Charcoal Bag Inside)
    1 x Power Cord
    1 x User Manual

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  • Dental Autoclave TR-1

    R18,067.98 Inc. Vat

    Chamber Size:

    Stainless steel; 18liter
    Machine Size: (L)58cmX(W)39cmX(H)36cm.
    Power Consumption: AC110V/900W/8A ; AC220V/900W/4A
    Temp/pressure / Sterilization time:121?/0.12Mpa/25Min ; 134?/0.22Mpa/6Min
    Safety Devices: over heat protection , safety valve
    Temp Control Design: chip control temperature

    Optional Accessories:

    Tray bask           X1pc
    Tray lulling holder   X1pc
    Sterilization tray    X3pcs
    Steam exhaust pipe X1pc

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  • PRP kit centrifuge

    R14,353.19 Inc. Vat

    PRP kit centrifuge


    1. Widely used in plastic hospital and modern beauty salon.
    2. Brushless motor, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in speed up and down.
    3. A range of speed from 0 to 4000rpm, smooth in operation, low noise and small vibration.
    4. A microcomputer control system, digital display in the RCF, time and speed. There are10 kinds of

    acceleration and deceleration for your choice.
    5. Electric cover lock, compact design, super speed, and imbalance protection.
    6. With over speed and imbalance protection, it’s safe and reliable.

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  • Getidy® 23L Dental Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class B

    R46,721.97 Inc. Vat


    Adopts European Class B standard Excellent vacuum dry effect
    Automatic water filling option Built-in steam generator
    High quality stainless steel chamber Meets European Standard EN 13060
    Stainless steel chamber Digital control panel
    Descriptive indictors and alarms Independent Pressure Gauge
    Built-in printer PC connection interface
    Over heat protection Double locking system ensures safety


    Model BST/DA-16 BST/DA-18 BST/DA-23
    Sterilization Class European Class B standard Dental Autoclave
    Capacity 16 liters 18 liters 23 liter
    Sterilizing temperature 121°C, 134°C
    Special function Kill the AIDS (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV) mad cow virus and Bacillus
    Dry procedure Vacuum drying
    Display LED screen
    Test program Bowie & Dick test, Helix test, Vacuum test
    Safety Features Safe Valve Double-control lock system and self-test alarm system
    Water supply system Two water tanks inside
    Capacity of water tank 3.5L clean water tank and 5 liter waste water tank
    Instrument container 5-layer tray rack with 3 trays
    Voltage 220V±10%, 50Hz
    Optional Accessories -Print by optional external mini-printer or download from USB port ( Sterilizing data)
    -Extra stainless steel trays

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  • LK-D14 Autoclave TR250N 18L

    R20,521.53 Inc. Vat

    -CHAMBER SIZE : stainless steel #304 ; 18Liter ; (ÿ)25◊(D)35 CM
    –MACHINE SIZE : (L)58◊(W)39◊(H)36 C
    POWER : AC110V/900W/8A ; AC220V/900W/4A
    -TEMP/PRESSURE : 121?/0.12Mpa ; 134?/0.22Mpa
    –STERILIZATION TIME : 25Min / 6Min
    -SAFETY : Heating-over protection ; safety valve
    -TEMP CONTROL DESIGN : chip control

    Tray basket ◊ 1pc ; tray holder ◊ 1pc

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  • Fast Mini Cassette Pressure Steam Autoclave (1.8L)

    R85,174.35 Inc. Vat


    Model: BS-KS-18

    It is used for the repaid sterilization of small instruments in stomatology,
    ophthalmology, E.N.T. department, gynecology, operating room, etc.

    The sterilizer is mainly used for sterilization ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology and other small devices. Sterilization is the speed and ease of use in mind we have designed. The product is only 2-3 minutes to heat up to 135 degrees both, than sterilizer on the market greatly reducing the heating time, improve
    work efficiency. Use also provides a very convenient and simple operation, users can set

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  • LK-D16 – 18L Dental Stainless Steel High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

    R28,393.28 Inc. Vat

    -Chamber capacity: 250XD350MM
    -Inside capacity 18L
    -Outside size 60*39*36
    -Sterlize temperature 132?
    -Sterilize Pressure (Mpa) 0.12Mpa
    -Sterilize Time 25Min
    -No dry function
    -Heater 1000W
    -Material Quality Stainless Steel SUS#304 Boiler chamber surface with burnish
    Surface deal with the machine foundation and the shell use high temperature baking varnish processing
    Electric current 110V9A, 220V 4.5A

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